Fish in poker – how to catch a weak opponent

In offline and online poker there are a lot of weak players who play at random rather than strategy. Some of them are familiar with the basics of a successful game, but do not know how to apply knowledge in practice. For an experienced poker player, such players are an excellent source of chips, and he should be able to find them at the poker tables.

Fish in poker is a weak level rival who makes unprofitable, inadequate decisions in trades and plays a minus at a distance.

Fish poker rooms

The specific proportion of fish in poker rooms is different – in some rooms it is more, and in some less. There are a number of characteristics of poker sites that can be used to determine whether there are many inexperienced players in them or not:

No deposit bonuses – free money attracts those who can not play and, perhaps, have lost more than once in poker. The chance to play without risks is luring weak players to poker rooms such as Pokerdom or 888Poker, as they regularly give out loot points to new users. Of course, most of these players are found only on microlimits, but some of them, giving in to the excitement, continue to play with their own money and at more expensive tables.

Minimum deposit – if the minimum deposit is small, the poker room attracts a large number of inexperienced users who do not have a sufficient poker bankroll. Naturally, such players do not invest a lot of money in poker and there is also a lot of them only on micro-limits. The most accessible rooms by the size of the deposit are PokerStars and Pokerd.

Television advertising – if a room widely advertises itself among users who are not familiar with poker at all, a huge mass of inexperienced players gather in it. A vivid example of this is PokerStars, which regularly conducts advertising campaigns on Russian television.

Casino and sports betting – if poker is not the only service of the institution, as it also has a bookmaker office and a casino, even at expensive tables there will always be Fish in poker. The regulars of casinos and betting shops regularly visit poker rooms, especially if you can use one account to play in both institutions.